Through works using different body forms, both animate and inanimate, my pieces express different ways of perceiving the body and how it communicates. In doing so, it is my overall desire to create a visual interplay between our physical reality and the imaginary sense of who we are.


My performance art incorporates aspects of aerial, movement, dance, theater and puppetry allowing me to explore space on surfaces and in the air.  Introducing designed apparatuses to the performance such as puppets, armatures, and costumes are used to extend the performer’s body and to transform it into a shadow of the self. The intent is to create opportunities for viewers to reflect on their understanding of the human form or alter their perception of the body’s expressive qualities.


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Upcoming Performance:

Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam! - July 11th

(Admission by donation)

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Sabine will be performing a puppet piece, Luc the Rat Tells Tales. 

When: Thursday July 11th 7:30pm 

Where: Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues 

1624 Market St, Level B

Denver, Colorado

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