Selected Choreography & Performances.

Aerial Dance Festival 2013 

Student Showcase, Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc - Boulder, CO

Music: Personal Remix of "The Village" by James Newton Howard

Oh Death - Rehearsal Short

Shadow Duet, Sabine & Erin Jang

Perpetuum Mobile - Silk Demo

Silk demo with Sabine - 2013

Objects to be Used - Demo

Demo - Without full Choreography - Sabine Playing with Puppets

Music: "I Didn't Want to Die" by: Carter Burwell

Seeing women as objects: The sexual body part recognition bias (2012 Study) 

-Short Clip from Performance for recording in 2014

Dress Designer: Melissa May

Fragile Things. - Demo.

Cheryl Marquez, Leah Grandstaff & Sabine.

Emmanuel Gallery, 2015. 

26 Years of Sleep - Selected Clips

Puppeteer: Cheryl Marquez

Dancer: Leah Grandstaff

Composer & Pianist: Cee Martinez

Performed at The Bakery, Denver; 2015.